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Prof. Dr. Ulrich Jordis  at the age of 12

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rof. Jordis has retired and can therefore accept no further Ph.D student

ulrich.jordis(at)tuwien.ac.at yes, you can still reach me with this email address


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Prof. Ulrich Jordis is a veteran of computer-based literature searching and has been instrumental in setting up various consortia to get licences for chemistry databases and digital libraries for Austrian Universities. Thus the TU Vienna is in the forefront of Universities having access to these research tools. (link to article here). Currently he and his research group are actively participating in the development of database systems like MDL/Symyx Notebook and Elsevier Beilstein Crossfire Commander.


  1. Custom syntheses including parallel chemistry
  2. Synthesis of deuterated reference compounds, drug metabolites and pharmaceutical standards
  3. Anti-Alzheimer Drugs: Synthesis of galanthamine prodrugs and modified alkaloids as allo-sterically potentiating (APL) ligands,
  4. Modified Triterpenes: glycyrrhetinic acid derivatives for metabolic diseases
  5. Archaeological chemistry: Analysis of prehistorical wood tar pitches including samples from the Tyrolian ice-man.

The Galanthamine Project 

The building:  

  Eine kurze Geschichte der TU Wien

Zum 100jährigen Bestehen der K. k. Technischen Hochschule in Wien

Some photos of the laboratory before 2012    
BI EG G 10:
BI EG B 09:


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This was the SYRO II - fist Synthesis Robot at the TU
The office:
The kitchen and seminar room:


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